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———— About Us ————

Levima Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is a supplier of high-end advanced material products and solutions. 

Levima Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., which is a high-tech enterprise and a national "Green Factory", focuses on the production, R & D and sales of advanced polymer materials and specialty chemicals. Levima Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. has been listed in the "China’s Top 100 Oil and Chemical Private Enterprises" for three consecutive years.


Leader in Market Segment

Levima Advanced Materials' products mainly include EVA, PP, EO and EOD, which are widely used in photovoltaic, cable, shoe material, plastic, daily chemical, textile, construction, road, bridge, automobile, leather, coating, agricultural chemical, metal processing and other fields. Many products are in the leading position in the market segmentation. 

Practitioner of Scientific and Technological Innovation

Levima Advanced Materials has established a R & D system for the development of catalyst, synthesis process and application system. As of May 2020, Levima Advanced Materials has obtained 42 authorized patents, including 23 authorized invention patents, hosted or participated in the formulation of 13 national and industrial standards, and successively undertaken 863 Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the people's Republic of China and major scientific and technological innovation projects of Shandong Province. 

Promoters of Achievement Transformation

Levima Advanced Materials has actively promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the field of advanced materials. With the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Levima Advanced Materials took the lead in establishing the "CAS Advanced Chemical Materials Alliance for Technology Innovation and Industrialization" and served as the director in January 2018. More than 20 relevant institutes of CAS served as the members of the Alliance. Through the "3+1" operation mode, (the "Innovation alliance, Conversion platform, and Industry support fund" plus a professional achievement transformation operation team) the Alliance builds a collaborative innovative system of the integration of “Government Industry University Research Fund Service Practice” and forms an innovation ecosystem, which provides Levima with continuous innovation resources and development momentum. 

Becoming an Excellent Enterprise in the Field of Advanced Materials

Consistently in accordance with the core values of “Pragmatic and Enterprising, Innovative and Dedicated, and Sharing for a Win-win”, Levima Group will fully utilize its professional advantages, such as dedicated operation, innovative R&D and efficient service, to provide customers with customized solutions. Through the two-wheel drive mode of "innovation-driven + operation promotion", Levima Group aims to build a leading industrial cluster in several subdivisions of advanced materials, and Levima Group is striving to realize the vision of “becoming an excellent enterprise in the field of advanced materials”!

New Materials Make New Life

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———— 品牌形象 ————

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English name of “Lianhong”: Levima ,
“Le” is derived from Legend (the English name of Legend Holdings),
“Vi” is derived from Vigor (meaning energy in Latin and vigorous in English),

“Ma” is derived from Material (namely material in English)。

Lianhong (also Associated Waters) embodies profound cultural elements and ideal. Lian, the meaning of association, while Hong (Waters in English), the meaning of deep and wide water, is selected from Ode to the Capital of Wu of the Literary Selections of Zuo Si, the famous literatus in Western Jin Dynasty of China. Therefore, the combined meaning of Lian and Hong symbolizes vast water. Namely, Levima Chemical Co. Ltd. is the deep and vat water when the whole chemical industry is compared to the sea. As an old Chinese saying goes that, “The highest good is like water without evoking conflicts or resistance”, which represents the supreme state in the Chinese culture. Originating from mountain peaks, winding its way to valleys, converging rivers all the way forward and nurturing the vast field, Water finally runs into the sea and welcomes a new rising sun. As water aims to nurture life, similarly enterprises seek to benefit the society. This is the very cultural ideal that Levima embodies.